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Dental Implants Fill In Gaps in Your Smile

September 18, 2015


Dealing with tooth loss? Tired of flashing a less-than-perfect smile? This can all change when you opt for dental implants. Sure, there are certainly other tooth loss treatments that can give you a complete smile faster, but they don’t offer the same benefits that dental implants can. Find out what getting dental implants from your Davison general dentist Dr. Aimee Vakula-Rollins entails, and the many benefits of this treatment.


What are dental implants?


A dental implant is an artificial replacement for missing tooth roots. The implant looks like a small metal screw, and your Davison dentist will surgically place it into a drilled hole in the jawbone where the missing tooth root once was. The dental implant then fuses with the surrounding bone and tissue. It is designed to act as the foundation for dental crowns, bridges or dentures.

What makes dental implants so unique from other tooth loss treatments? Dental implants boast a variety of special benefits that other treatments don’t.


They are designed to last a lifetime Implants are the only dental work that actually becomes a permanent structure in the mouth. Since implants are made from titanium they are biocompatible, meaning that tissue and bone won’t reject the material. Therefore, when the bone and tissue begin to heal after surgery, they will meld with the implant to become one.


They improve jaw health Tooth loss can also cause bone loss, because the jawbone is no longer getting stimulation from the tooth root. But when you get dental implants from your Davison dentist, you prevent bone loss from happening. Just like a natural tooth root, the implant stimulates the development of new bone cells, which keeps the jawbone stable, strong and healthy.


They maintain your face shape Did you know that tooth loss also affects the shape of your face? That’s because even one missing tooth can cause the rest of your natural teeth to shift out of alignment. This causes your jaw to recede and your cheeks to cave in. Fortunately, dental implants prevent teeth from shifting out of place and your face from losing its healthy shape.


They aren’t durable and strong You aren’t going to find another treatment option that functions and looks just like a natural tooth. Implants are resilient and built to last your entire life, with the proper care. They are truly the next best thing to your natural teeth.


Ready to find out if dental implants are right for your smile? Then it’s time you scheduled a consultation with your Davison dentist. Don’t let tooth loss destroy your oral health!

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