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What to do when you have an emergency dental situation


Most dental issues can be resolved by simply making an appointment with your Davison dentist Dr. Aimee Vakula-Rollins, DDS. But in some cases, patients have urgent matters that must be attended to sooner. There's good news! You can also contactDr. Vakula-Rollins is not only happy to help with regular appointments, cleanings, and dental procedures, but is available to help you when you need help fast - in the case of a dental emergency. Here are some tips for what to do when you have serious and sudden tooth troubles.

Assess the Situation

When you're experiencing a dental issue, the first step is to carefully assess the situation—is this situation an emergency or something that can be handled at a later date? Here is a list of common cases that necessitate urgent dental care:

  • cracked tooth

  • lost tooth

  • severe toothache that makes it impossible to speak or eat

  • extruded tooth that’s partially out of its socket

  • unbearable pain that makes it impossible to eat or sleep

  • something is stuck between the teeth or in the gums and causing pain or bleeding

  • orthodontic braces are coming loose or broken


There are things you can do in the case of a dental emergency before your visit with dentist Dr. Vakula-Rollins. If the problem is a cracked or broken tooth, gather and keep the tooth matter clean and in a small cup of milk. If the tooth is knocked out, attempt to re-insert it as soon as possible. Keep the affected area clean and apply pressure with a piece of gauze for 10-15 minutes to stop any bleeding. For pain, put a bag of frozen peas on your face in the area that hurts to reduce swelling. If you have a broken braces bracket, attempt to re-attach it using the wax provided by your dentist.

Call for an Emergency Appointment

The next step is to call the dentist for an urgent appointment. When you call for an appointment with Davison dentist Dr. Aimee Vakula-Rollins (810-653-4447) make sure that you tell the staff that this is a dental emergency. They can give you further instructions for at-home care until you reach the office. 

Are you a patient of Aimee Vakula-Rollins, DDS? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences below!

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