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Three Reasons Why Dental Implants Are the Best Solution for Missing Teeth


When you are missing a tooth—even multiple teeth—you want a solution that will permanently restore your smile.  Sometimes, even just the thought of dentures sends chills down your spine.  Thankfully, with advancements in dentistry, you can successfully restore your smile when teeth are missing with dental implants in Davison from Dr. Aimee Vakula-Rollins.


The best part of dental implants is the host of benefits it provides you and your smile.  With the help of Dr. Vakula-Rollins, your dentist in Davison, lets explore three of the most important benefits:


1. Restore Proper Chewing Functions


It is important to receive a treatment that fully restores your teeth and your mouth.  With dental implants, you can experience proper chewing functions so that you can continue to eat your favorite foods without complications.  Unlike dentures, which do not always make chewing easy, dental implants act as your natural teeth and do not slip or slide out when eating or speaking.


2. Prevent Progressive Bone Loss and Gum Recession


Because dental implants mimic the roots of your natural teeth, you are further protecting yourself from bone loss and gum recession.  The implants stay in place as your “artificial tooth roots,” which protects your teeth and gums.


3. Renewed Self-Confidence and Improved Self-Esteem


At some point in all of our lives we might lose a tooth, or all of them, but dental implants give us hope.  With dental implants you can experience renewed self-confidence and self-esteem, which can be lost when you have missing teeth.  Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth and help you to smile with confidence knowing your teeth won’t slip or fall out when talking or eating.


Talk to Dr. Aimee Vakula-Rollins for more information on dental implants and how this procedure can improve your smile and your confidence.


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